About US

Our brand DBPOWER is widely considered a world leader in developing and marketing affordable, innovative consumable electronic products.

We are pleased that you have chosen DBPOWER to your customers, and delighted that you wish to use your time and resources to promote our products.

  • Over $ 120 million sales in the US annually
  • More than 800 employees in company and factory
  • More than 10 SKUs listed as best sellers on Amazon US
  • 100% proprietary patents and designs

Why Choose Us ?

What we need from you is a desire to do great business with us.

We will provide 10 key parts to help our distributors

1. No requirements for the size or qualification of distributors

Both individuals and companies can be our distributors.

2. Provide trial order service

The minimum order quantity for the first order is only 20. If the ordered product is not sold within 3 months, we provide product recycling service.

3. The most reliable after-sales and customer service.

  • All products provide a one-year warranty, fast return.
  • All end customers enjoy 7/24 online or telephone customer service and lifetime technical support.

4. The most powerful marketing support

  • Provide product information, brochures, posters and other marketing materials for free to support distributors to develop markets faster and more efficiently.
  • Display distributor information on our official website for free, and guide customers to purchase at distributors.

5. The most comprehensive product and technical knowledge sharing and training

Free product knowledge sharing and training.

6. The most comprehensive product certificate

Our products have various certifications such as CE / FCC / ROHS / UL.

7. The best product

  • Many of our products are top sellers or Amazon choice.
  • Our products have the most positive reviews in this category.

8. The best price

Provide the best price for all distributors, fully guarantee the distributor’s profit margin.

9. The most efficient logistics

All goods are stocked in warehouses such as USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, China, etc. to ensure the delivery time of the order.

10. Flexible cooperation

  • Bulk purchase and resale.
  • Assist distribution and earn commissions.

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Or contact us directly by:

  • Email:
    • pt.w@dbpower.co
    • sales@dbpower.co
  • Phone:
    • 1-855-666-9888
    • (Mon-Fri 9: 00-17: 00 PST)
  • Skype:
    • wangxuesong_12